Dear scientists,

It is an honor to welcome you to the “3th International Eurasia Economic and Social Sciences Congress”.  The main theme of the this congress was determined as “Social sciences and economy”. Political, Economic and global improvements will be dealt with on the basis of field studies and theoretical research and will be discussed on local, regional and global levels by countries.  It is aimed to contribute to the society, decision makers and academic circles by developing convenient predictions about today and future, under the light of topics handled in the congress.

Our congress is open to researchers and specialists of any field of political science, as it also covers interdisciplinary studies. As any researchers interested in improvement studies may study their topics in the fields of political theories, comparative political science, international relations, public administration etc., they may also analyse the main theme of the congress in different dimensions, from the viewpoint of sub-disciplines of social sciences related and limited to political science like political sociology, political psychology, political history, international law etc.

Abstracts outside the topics of the main theme will also undergo evaluation and will be included in the congress upon the approval of Organizing Committee. Congress languages are Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and English. Poster and oral presentations will also be accepted in the congress. Papers not presented in the congress will not be published.   

The declarations presented in the Congress will be published in two different internationally acclaimed journals (valid for academic incentives).
• Economic Herald,
• International Journal of Sport, Exercise & Training Sciences,